My personal brand statement is the following:

An aspiring Bilingual People Manager with a passion to coach, train, develop and inspire individuals to achieve and excel personal goals while working together as a team. I inspire the will to win while building for the future and finding ways to say yes.


How I developed my personal brand statement

I always aspired to be a people manager and when the posting went up for a Bilingual team manager, I could not help but apply. Although I had not completed my committed term in my previous role, I received support from my people manager at the time to apply out and follow my passion. When applying for the position, I looked to develop an “elevator pitch” that would captivate the eyes of the hiring manager. I looked to develop a statement that would highlight my passion as well as my personal strengths and attributes that coincided with the job description. In this statement, I chose to incorporate elements of my company’s mantra and guiding principles that I execute on a daily basis: inspiring the will to win and building for the future. I believed this would help add unique value to my statement and express my personal brand in relation to the posting. In addition, I incorporated a statement that I thought would capture the attention of others. As this role is for a people manager in customer service, finding ways to say yes has always been something that our company has strived for. Lastly, when creating my statement, I chose to add skillsets from my previous role. For example, my previous role encompassed leadership and coaching skills, which are essential skillsets for a people manger in my work environment. I wanted to highlight my areas of expertise while highlighting the qualifications I have that speak to the role (ex: Bilingual). As with any job, employers tend to see how one can add value and introduce a new vision to their work environment, which is why I chose to incorporate building for the future, to demonstrate my inspiring ways to add value to the team.


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